NEW Adventure ALERT: ‘SEA LIFE Bangkok’ launches a new campaign, “The Lost City”

Believing that learning works best when it comes with gaiety and contentment, for this semester break, SEA LIFE Bangkok weaves the amazing stories and knowledge about marine life inspired by lost underwater kingdom Atlantis into its new campaign called “The Lost City”. Redecorating the interior of the aquarium to embrace all explorers with the vibes of the ancient city submerged in the sea, SEA LIFE Bangkok also returns with a stunning diving show that everyone misses, “Mermaid Dive”. Let the mermaids guide you around the city of the lost kingdom, now at SEA LIFE Bangkok, B1 – B2 Floors, Siam Paragon.

As the story goes, SEA LIFE Bangkok restates the legend of the Atlantis Kingdom that once flourished with power and advanced technology. However, the land was punished by Zeus for its moral decline. Zeus decided to destroy the entire city with the power of flames and earthquake until the whole kingdom was swallowed up by the sea and disappeared at last. Picking up on the idea, SEA LIFE Bangkok has transformed the aquarium into the legendary underwater city, beginning with turning the seahorse kingdom into the Kingdom of Xebel, founded after the fall of Atlantis, in which the Xebelian rode seahorses. Walking through this zone, five species of seahorses will be found while each tank will be decorated with the remains of the ancient city.

The highlights of this underwater kingdom will be gathered at our must photo spot, The Arena, or the deep-sea coral tank amphitheater. With a height of 7 meters, the tank occupies both B1 and B2 floors, boasting new decorative details of colorful glowing sea anemones that enhance a sensational touch to the signature photo spot of the aquarium. Besides, there will also be a Clay Works activity zone for kids to exercise their grips, while creating their own DIY marine animal bookmarks using clay as a home-taking gift from SEA LIFE Bangkok.

Once in the presence of the coral tank amphitheater, you will be embraced by the entire Atlantis Kingdom that welcomes everyone with an ancient archway. The backdrop features the ambience of the underwater city with other accompanying elements like pillars of ancient buildings and a carved statue of the sea god Poseidon, who was believed to have given birth to the inhabitants of Atlantis, and young mermaids of the underwater world. Everyone can role-play as a noble member of this kingdom, sitting on the ancient throne surrounded by vivid corals. All in this aquarium to be a new and unmissable photo-taking spot.

Finishing strong, SEA LIFE Bangkok has prepared an impressive performance awaited by the audience, “Mermaid Dive,” a mermaid show that will guide all the explorers through the lost city of the deep sea. Here to stay, Mermaid Dive will be available 4 times a day on weekends and public holidays, including 11.45 am , 1.00 pm, 2.30 pm, and 4.15 pm through to the end of 2022.

Visit us for a refreshing edutainment experience with our newest campaign, “The Lost City” at SEA LIFE Bangkok, B1-B2 floors, Siam Paragon. Special offers! Buy 1 get 2 with a bulk package that includes admission to both Sea Life Bangkok and Madame Tussauds Bangkok. For off-peak days, the prices will be 600 baht for adults and 500 baht for children aged 3-11 years. For peak days, the prices will be 650 baht for adults and 550 baht for children aged 3-11 years. Check the price of each day on our website. Buy an advance ticket to get 10% off via to enjoy even more!

Source: MSL Group

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