My husband hid my daughter’s passport so she couldn’t join her step-siblings on vacation

It can sometimes be tricky blending together two families with children, particularly when they’re at different stages in their development. One mum says she’s had issues with her husband of three years suggesting her teenage daughter doesn’t spend enough time with her younger step-siblings and it’s led to a very vindictive act.

“A family trip is what the family needs”

The woman explained in her post to Reddit that she’s been with her husband for three years now and there are issues between him and her 17-year-old daughter.

“She does her best to spend as much time with [her step-siblings] as she can,” she wrote in her post, “but she complains that her stepdad tells her to basically take on the role of a babysitter whenever she’s with her step-siblings.”

The woman said her husband denies this but insists the teen is just making excuses not to be around them.

“I figured that a family trip is what the family needs to get together and spend more time around each other,” she continued.

“My husband liked the idea but said that his kids are now ‘uncomfortable’ around my daughter because of her ‘attitude’ and suggested we let her stay home and have the house all to herself since that’s ‘what she always wanted.’”

The woman went ahead and booked and paid for a big holiday but the daughter suddenly could not find her passport. They turned the entire house upside down looking for it to no avail.

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The woman said her husband was using her daughter as free childcare for his children.
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“My husband said maybe it was a sign from God that we should let her stay home so the trip wouldn’t turn into a disaster,” she said. And if you think that’s bad enough, just read on.

“I saw him enter my daughter’s room”

The woman later found her daughter’s passport tucked away under a drawer of papers in her husband’s office. She confronted him about it and he insisted he had no idea how it got there.

So she checked the home’s security cameras.

“I checked the upstairs camera and saw him enter my daughter’s room,” she said, adding, “That was it for me, I screamed my head off at him then canceled the whole trip completely.”

The man said his wife had “overreacted” and that his kids would be “miserable” if the teen were to join them on the holiday. He said that he would be willing to apologize to the girl on the condition that the woman UN-cancel the holiday.

The woman insisted her decision was final so he responded by saying he would “do some fasting and get guidance from God about how he should deal with the disrespect and control I had displayed.”

“Your husband wants control”

People pointed out some hard truths the woman clearly needs to hear.

“He can’t use your daughter as free child-care for his children, so he intentionally alienates her from his family,” commented one person.

“Your husband wants to control you… Your husband wants to control your daughter… When he cannot easily do that, he uses manipulation and lying in order to accomplish it. When he is then held responsible for his actions, he turns it around on you.

“When that doesn’t work, he throws a temper tantrum.”

Another added, “Book a trip for just you and your daughter.”

“This is gaslighting,” chimed in a third. “He wants you to think that you ‘disrespecting him’ (defending your daughter from a thief) is worse than him hiding her passport and lying about it.”

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