Man Books An Entire Plane To Travel With Family For His Wedding Netizens Want To Know The Cost

Indian weddings are usually celebrated with great pomp and show. In fact people go overboard to make it look extravagant, like chosing exotic destinations, setting up grand entries and buying designer wedding outfits. These days destination weddings have become a fad for which huge expenses are made. In a video that is going viral, a groom booked an entire plane to carry his guests to the destination.

The video, shared on Instagram opens to show a plane on a tarmac waiting to board passengers. As the man shooting the video enters the flight the air hostess waves before the camera through the aisle. One can also see the groom’s family and relatives seated inside the plane who wave, cheer, and make heart shapes with their hands inside the plane.  

Since being shared, the video has amassed 17 lakh views, 43,438 likes, and several comments.

“I am genuinely curious. How much does it cost. All I need is the distance and price to get an estimate. All the airlines have just a form and don’t show the estimate,” wrote one user.

“Thank God Airline did not send old not so well maintained aeroplane as it is only one single family. I had bitter experience with A/c bus service booked for entire family and they sent some crap vehicle,” wrote another user.

“More reasons to not get married, wrote a third jokingly.

“Suppose there are 20 rows in that row 6 people. A total of 60 seats have been booked. If the cost of one seat is 3k. It amounts to 1.8 lakhs. As it is a mass booking/Full flight booking discount of 20% will be obvious. Total sums to 1.5Lakhs. Not a huge amount, for a middle class family to afford. Good luck for your marriage, wrote a fourth.

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