Joanna Jedrzejczyk celebrates vacation as a ‘Florida girl’

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Retired UFC fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk celebrates her final days in Florida. Pic credit: @joannajedrzejczyk/Instagram

Retired UFC fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk may be a Polish-born citizen, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a “Florida girl.”

The mixed martial artist, 35, has been enjoying her time since she retired from UFC last year, but she’s still staying in tip-top shape.

Taking a break from the cold winters in Europe and in a lot of the United States, Joanna spent some time at Jupiter Beach, Florida, and was dressed very appropriately for the occasion.

She took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a few photos with her devoted followers as she gave a bold smile to the camera. She was surrounded by crisp and clear blue skies and palm trees, the warmth palpable from the photo.

She kept her dark locks down and back as they flowed in the breeze and appeared to go makeup-free with just a minimal bracelet and dainty necklace on for accessories.

Her dark blue Daisy Dukes were offset by her pastel bikini top as she posed for the camera, even leaning forward to get closer to the lens and share her infectious grin.

Her caption read, “Last days in Florida,” with a slew of tropical emojis and the hashtag #floridagirl.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk still trains with boxing

Although she might not be in the ring for UFC anymore, Joanna still spends her time keeping in shape with a variety of exercises, including boxing.

The MMA fighter is frequently spotted in the gym near a punching bag or other exercise equipment used to train punches and kicks for hand-to-hand fights.

Earlier this year, she mimicked some of her best swings for the camera while standing between two punching bags, looking like she was ready to start her workout.

In the caption, she revealed that she had been feeling a bit sluggish that morning, but a boxing session left her feeling recharged due to the natural endorphins that were released during the workout.

She also gave a shoutout to the gym she worked out in for her training session, and they seemed well-prepared as many weights and additional pieces of equipment were visible behind Joanna.

florida“>Joanna Jedrzejczyk hits the pool in Florida

Last week, Joanna shared another post that revealed her love for the Sunshine State as she posed for a quick poolside photo.

She sported a vibrant and warm string bikini as she leaned back on a pillar next to the pool and told her followers that the time in Florida was “much needed.”

Even just a look at the photo is rather refreshing as the pool’s glorious blue waters and the surrounding palms looked like the peak of relaxation for those looking for a warm getaway.

Although Joanna’s current time in Florida may be wrapping up, it’s certain that the retired fighter will be back for more fun in the sun before long.

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