Iggy Azalea Gets Wet With Sharks While On Vacation

Iggy Azalea is living dangerously!

The talented rapper who has been making waves and securing the bag on OnlyFans recently took some time off to enjoy a vacation and make memories that will last a lifetime. One of the highlights of her trip was an exhilarating swim with sharks. This adventure was incredibly daring as she got up close and personal with these fascinating creatures.

Iggy Azalea Gets Up Close and Personal With Sharks

The star tested boundaries while on holiday and shared a picture while at it. In her Instagram story, she was seen standing in water without wearing protective gear as the dangerous sea animals swam around her. 

She wore a dark green spaghetti top swimsuit and matching bottoms as she left her tresses with a face cap on to protect her face from the sun. The water was clear with an aqua-green hue as she bravely placed her hands on the top of the shark’s body.

Iggy Azalea Gets Wet With Sharks While On Vacation
Instagram | Iggy Azalea

She showed no signs of fear even as its fin seemed to brush her bare abs. The singer wrote, “A shark in the water how you found me.” After that mini adventure, she chose to chill and show some more of her toned stomach as she lounged on the yacht’s deck. 

In the picture, she lay on a towel wearing a beige-colored bikini and let her blonde curls flow to the side. Covering her face with her hand from the sun, the entrepreneur left the post captionless but provided the name of the paradise she was at, “Exuma Islands.” 

The comment section was filled with fans expressing their wish to be on vacation and gushing over her body. Like this person who jokingly wrote, “Iggy teaching us geography cuz im too broke to have ever heard of these islands.” 

This follower wished to be her, noting, “I love you, Iggy. But I’m at work, and you just made me let out the world’s largest sigh …. Enjoy yourself, goddess !! ❤️.” Another stated, “giving unbothered, rich af, and BODY🔥🔥🔥🔥.” While another wrote, “Girl, u been killing us lately, way too much hot😵.” A fifth said, “Best body figure I have ever seen ❤️❤️❤️❤️.” 

Azalea seems to be in her era of flaunting her body, especially those abs, and we are here for it! Earlier this month, The Blast shared that she flaunted her fit physique while vacationing with her son on a yacht.

Known for her luxurious lifestyle and love for the finer things, and with her recent financial gains from selling her music catalog and joining OnlyFans, it was no surprise that she chose to take a well-deserved break.

In her Instagram story, the mother-of-one shared a video of herself flaunting her gorgeous blonde locks and flawless face before panning down to show her incredible figure. She donned an open shirt over a bra top, highlighting her toned midriff and tiny waist. Her ample bottom was covered in long, flowy pants.

Iggy Azalea Gets Wet With Sharks While On Vacation
Instagram | Iggy Azalea

The following slide revealed her mothering side as she proudly encouraged her joyfully dancing son. At one point, he was even engaged in a dance battle with one of her friends, to which she eagerly cheered, “Dance party!!! Let’s go!!”

As the camera continued to tour the large yacht, the 32-year-old showed off its various features, including a huge slide that went from the top of the ship down to the ocean. As the lens captured the stunning view of the ocean, she seemed to take a playful swipe with her caption, which read, “I dunno, I think I’m doing pretty good. F*ck what you heard.”

‘Ignorant Art’ Rapper Fan-Girls Over Kim Kardashian Shout-out

Being an artist who reached the top of the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums did not stop her from expressing her excitement when the reality TV star reposted her picture. Per The Blast, she even reposted it with a hilarious caption on her page, showing her obsession with the recognition.

The image in question was a provocative picture of herself lounging on a white couch, wearing just “SKIMS” panties and a cropped shirt, with a simple “Hi.🙂,” in the caption.

The snap’s main attraction was the attention it received from beauty mogul and “SKIMS” founder, who reposted it on her Instagram story. Azalea was overjoyed and quickly reposted the photo, adding a funny caption that read, “Excuse me while I pass away…” in reaction to the recognition.

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