How To Travel More In 2023

Travel is often listed as something people want to do more of but don’t have the time or money for it (sometimes both). If one of your goals is to travel more in the coming year, this post can help. With some planning and research, you can be on your way to exploring the world while still holding onto a full-time job.

Make A Schedule

Look at a calendar and mark any days where you will have extra time off, such as any three-day weekends. Setting out a physical calendar with dates marked can help make organizing easier. It also makes it easier to ask for time off before others might beat you to it.

If you are going to be traveling with a group and are looking at a destination several hours away, you will want to give yourself plenty of time to travel. Alternatively, if you are near an airport and can manage weekend getaways, you’ll want to plan ahead to get the best deals.

Look For Work Opportunities In Other Destinations

Business travel was hit hard by Covid-19. However, there are signs that things are starting to pick up again, and travel has passed pre-pandemic levels. Find a conference or workshop in another city or state.

You may have to research and pay for some expenses out of pocket (depending on your job). But if you can convince your boss to let you attend, you’ll get to travel while helping your career. Alternatively, if your partner or family member is going to travel for work, consider joining them.

This is also why planning your schedule in advance can help you better plan your travel.

Make Travel A Priority

It is easy to get discouraged when you are thinking of traveling. Plenty of people will say that it just isn’t the right time. If you want to travel more in 2023, you need to prioritize travel, even if that travel is only for a day.

If a travel opportunity arises, say yes, especially if it’s a travel deal. Deals are sometimes gone within a few hours, so you usually need to act quickly. Put aside a travel fund, however small or large it may be.

Take Advantage Of Weekends

Don’t be afraid of traveling on a Friday afternoon or evening. Flights can sometimes be cheaper, and you can take advantage of an evening at your destination.

Hotels sometimes have deals for weekend getaways, especially hotels catering to business travelers. Since business travelers are usually there during the week, the hotel has more weekend availability and rooms to fill.

Set Travel Alerts For Fare Deals

Depending on where you live and travel from, you can set an alert to help you find deals. Use Google Flights or Skyscanner to browse destinations and set up alerts on fare deals. Newsletters like Scott’s Cheap Flights also allow you to set up fare alerts from cities of your choice.

Putting a list of ideas of attractions that appeal to you can help you narrow down your options, even if you don’t know what that destination is yet. And being flexible about your destination can not only help you save money, but you can also discover something new.

Travel Light And Travel Early

The lighter you travel, the less time you have to worry about getting your bags. Traveling with only carry-on luggage can save time and money.

Once you arrive at your destination, get an early start to your day. Starting early allows you to see more of your destination, beat the crowds and get better acquainted with your surroundings.


If traveling more is one of your goals, you may find it easier to achieve than you believe. The hardest part is planning your time and sticking to a budget. After you’ve figured out the essentials, you can enjoy your adventures, regardless of how near or far they are from your home.

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