How to fast travel in Forspoken

One of the most fun parts of Forspoken is the magical parkour system you can use to traverse the game’s world. However, the areas in the game are much larger than you might expect, and it will still take a while to get from one end of a zone to the other. Thankfully, a fast travel system exists, but not immediately. Here’s how to fast travel in Forspoken to cut down on your travel time.

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How to fast travel in Forspoken

Fast travel won’t be available until you start the game‘s third chapter and are directed to the first Pilgrim’s Refuge.

Step 1: After leaving the Cipal, activate the Pilgrim’s Refuge by entering it to put it on your map

Step 2: By opening your map and highlighting this refuge, and any other Pilgrim’s Refuge you unlock, you will be given the prompt to fast travel there. Alternatively, you can press the L3 button to bring up a list of locations you have discovered that you can fast travel to.

Step 3: Unlocking Belfries on your map will also make them available as fast travel points.

While you can only fast travel to these specific points, you are able to initiate fast travel from anywhere on the map at any time. The only instances where fast travel is restricted are when you’re engaged in combat or in the middle of a main quest.

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