How The Salt Life Charter Captains Directory Can Help You Plan The Fishing Trip Of A Lifetime

How The Salt Life Charter Captains Directory Can Help You Plan The Fishing Trip Of A Lifetime

Interested in booking the fishing experience of a lifetime?

Salt Life is helping anglers of all skill levels plan their next Salty adventure. After all, kicking back and reeling in fish is the best way to soak up some sun.

To ensure everyone is livin’ salty this summer, Salt Life has assembled fishing charter captains from across the country who fully embrace the salty lifestyle every day.

Whether you’re interested in fishing inshore for reds or going offshore for a trophy marlin, Salt Life can connect you with the right captain for any trip. Simply visit the Salt Life Charter Captains Directory to find a Salt Life-approved Captain near you.

Find a Charter Captain Near You

This great weather won’t last forever, so book a charter with any of these Salt Life-approved captains below or click here for even more locations and captains.



Our Pick: Chuck White, Pacific Venture Charter Service, [email protected]

There’s more to the California coast than just surfing and water sports. Get out there and fish for Rock Cod and keep an eye out for Sharks and Calico Bass. Close to the shore, there’s delicious Halibut, Yellowtail, Sand Bass, and Sheepshead. Off-shore, pursue migrating fish, including Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Yellowtail.


Our Pick: McGrew RiceHooked on Kona Sportfishing Charters, [email protected]

Beyond the beautiful beaches and surfing & snorkeling opportunities, Hawaii’s Kona Coast is renowned for its deep-sea fishing. Calm waters allow for amazing big-game fishing of Blue and Striped Marlin. Tasty Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo are also common catches in these tropical waters.

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Salt Life charter captains - Louisiana



Our Pick: Rick Thompson, Clearvision Charters, [email protected]

Louisiana fishing is sound year-round with a variety of inshore and nearshore options. Multiple species slams are always the goal with Redfish, Sheepshead, Stingray, Sail Catfish, Largemouth Bass, and so much more in the water. Even take on Louisiana’s marshes with a fly fishing trip in search of “the one”!

East Coast Florida

Our Pick: Xavier BaldoquinReeLit Charters[email protected]

Make your wildest fishing dreams come true with a trip to the Florida coast. Head close to the reef for Spanish Mackeral, Kingfish, Bonito, and Sailfish or take on a challenge by targeting Tarpon and Swordfish. Or bounce around wrecks to bottom fish for Snapper, Grouper, and Amberjacks.

Florida Panhandle

Our Pick: Justin Driscoll, Florida Panhandle Charters[email protected]

Renowned for its sparkling white sands, the Florida Panhandle also offers a fantastic selection of saltwater fishing adventures. Go shark fishing and reel in a bite like never before, possibly a Bull Shark or Hammerhead! Redfish, Trout, and Flounder are also ready to catch inshore, while various saltwater species swim offshore.

North Carolina

Our Pick: Brad SmithGunny B Outdoors[email protected]

When it comes to fishing in North Carolina, the options are endless. Chase flounder, Black Drum, Sheepshead, and Stingrays in salt water or Gar and Carp in fresh water on a gigging/bow fishing charter. Fish for trophy-sized Redfish in the Neuse River or head increasingly offshore for Grouper, Snapper, Sea Bass, Porgy, Triggers, and Pelagic.

South Carolina

Our Pick: Derick BrayBlue Light Charters[email protected]

South Carolina is full of rivers, lakes, and inshore just waiting for you to explore. Famous for its Redfish and Sea Trout fishery, there’s no experience like cruising the shallow waters in search of allusive Redfish. Largemouth Bass, Black Drum, Flounder, Blacktip Shark, Bonnethead Shark, Sheepshead, and Tripletail are also ready to reel in for greater variety.


Our Pick: Jennifer MerchantFishing with Jen[email protected]

Everything is bigger in Texas and the state is not lacking when it comes to fishing either. Take a break from the BBQ and taste the salt life by hitting the tropical coastal waters. Learn to surf fish the beaches for Redfish, Trout, Jack Crevalle, Black Drum, Tarpon, Stingray, Sharks, Mackerel, and more.

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Our Pick: Tyler Macallister, Fv Cynthiac[email protected]

The New England waters offer a diverse array of fishing adventures any angling enthusiast can enjoy. Chase giant bluefin for the catch of a lifetime. Tackle the fast and furious with a variety of sharks, including Mako, Porbeagle, Thresher, Blue Shark, and of course Great White. Or spend your day fishing for Seabass, Fluke, Tautog, Scup, and Striped bass.

New Jersey

Our Pick: Barry MastrangeloHTS Charters[email protected]

New Jersey might be small, but the fishing opportunities are endless. There’s nothing quite like stalking Striper on the flats and having them go air born on a top water lure! Delicious Seabass, Tog, and Mahi Mahi are also found inshore. There are even chances of catching big Flounder, Weakfish, and Bluefish offshore during cooler fall and winter temps.

New York

Our Pick: Joseph Leggio, Oceanside Charters, [email protected]

Need a break from city life? Long Island offers miles of coastline which is home to some of the finest saltwater fishing in the country. Set sail in New York’s legendary Atlantic waters in search of Fluke, Blackfish, Porgy, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Tuna, and more. If you’re feeling a winter adventure, high season for cod is from February to April. Fish and chips for dinner, anyone?

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Outside the U.S.

For those interested in traveling, the Salt Life Charter Captains Directory has several outstanding captains located outside of the US too.


Our Pick: Skipper Gentry, Carolina Gentleman, [email protected]

The waters of the Bahamas offer everyone from beginners and families to seasoned professionals an experience of a lifetime. Blue Marlin, sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo all congregate just offshore in front of the beach. This majestic chain of islands is also one of the top destinations for Bonefish, which can be chased on the clear waters of the flats.


Our Pick: Scott “Skitchy” Barnes, Hakuna Matata Charters, [email protected]

The breathtaking coral reefs surrounding Bermuda make it an excellent destination for fishing, with Barracuda, Yellow Tail Snapper, and Bermuda Chub often present. The location has also developed a reputation for providing quick access to some of the best deep-sea fishing in the Atlantic. Marlin, Tuna, and Wahoo are commonly found offshore.

Costa Rica

Our Pick: Willy AntencioFish Drake Bay[email protected]

Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and it also has one of the most unique fishing destinations. Drake Bay offers a massive reef system with great bottom fishing and trolling opportunities. Catch huge Roosterfish (50+ lbs.), big Cubera Snappers, and Grouper or troll offshore for big pelagic fish including Blue, Back and Striped Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Yellow Fin, and Big Eye Tuna.


Our Pick: Enrick Bush, Wahoo Slayer | Roatan Fishing Charters, [email protected]

The Bay Islands of Honduras offer a scenic Caribbean paradise considered one of the top watersports enthusiast’ destinations in the world. Deep sea fishing adventures are just minutes away from the dock. Big game fish such as Sailfish or Blue and Black Marlin are sought after and “rodeo fish” such as Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo are common as well.

Turks and Caicos

Our Pick: Peiter DejongeGrand Slam Charters[email protected]

An epic fishing vacation awaits in the Turks and Caicos. Experience the thrill of hooking Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin, or even Barracuda on a deep-sea fishing charter. Or jump in the beautiful turquoise waters for a day of reef fishing and a one-of-a-kind snorkeling experience.

Find More Charter Captains Outside the U.S. here

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