Hogwarts Legacy: How To Complete ‘Weasley After Class’ & ‘Professor Ronen’s Assignment’ | Walkthrough

Everything you need to know to complete the ‘Weasley After Class’ and ‘Professor Ronen’s Assignment’ quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

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So you have finally finished your first day of Hogwarts – or at the very least, you have done a fair chunk of your first day. There is more Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy, and you haven’t even made it to Hogsmeade yet. Thankfully, Professor Weasley assured you that Hogsmeade was on your cards for the day. 

As to be expected, there are things standing between you and a frothing tankard of Butterbeer, and Professor Weasley is one such hurdle. You have assignments to complete and interrogations to endure before you can even think about kicking back and relaxing. Let’s dive into the two quests, ‘Weasley After Class’ and ‘Professor Ronen’s Assignment’. 

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weasley-after-class”>Completing Weasley After Class

This quest is very short, and it is a type of quest that occurs often in Hogwarts Legacy. These are the ‘go here, talk to this person’, quests, and they are pretty darn straightforward, as you can imagine. 

In this case, you need to report to Professor Weasley and update her on your progress in both Charms and Defense Against The Dark Arts. This conversation will take a turn for the suspicious when she starts to interrogate you about your unusual arrival. If you recall, Professor Fig asked you to keep their business secret, and you have the chance to either reveal all to Professor Weasley or keep her in the dark. 

You will also get to choose who you want to take with you to Hogsmeade later on. You can pick either Sebastian or Natsai. Pick your favourite side character, and the quest is complete. Not much more to it than talking really. 

professor-ronens-assignment”>Completing Professor Ronen’s Assignment

This quest follows directly from Weasley After Class, which is why we have included them both in this Walkthrough. Before you can go to Hogsmeade, you are told to complete an extracurricular assignment for Professor Ronen and to do that, you will need to head to the Transfiguration Courtyard. 

Once here, talk to Ronen who will offer to teach you a new spell, however, you need to prove your competency with Accio first. He will task you with retrieving some pages in the Charms Classroom, and the Defence Against The Dark Arts Classroom. You can fast travel here if you want. Use Revelio to reveal the pages, and Accio to retrieve them. Return to Ronen.

Learning Reparo

With the pages in hand, Ronen will now teach you one of the most visually impressive spells in Hogwarts Legacy, Reparo. Like with all spells, this will be linked to a quick rune-tracing minigame. You should be able to complete these without any trouble at this point. 

After a quick demonstration, you will be able to use Reparo to, well, repair things. Ronen will ask you to repair a nearby statue. Do this, enjoy the visual effect, and then return to Ronen for your reward of EXP. Next up, Hogsmeade!

That’s all we have for Hogwarts Legacy for now. Be sure to check out our other Walkthroughs, Lists, and Guides for more Hogwarts content.

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