Experience Wildlife Like Never Before With Intrepid Travel’s Comoros Tour

Intrepid Travel, known as the world’s largest B-Corp-certified travel company, is adding the Comoros Islands to its portfolio, marking the 121st country on its list. Located off the coast of Eastern Africa, the Comoros Islands are a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, featuring unique and rare endemic species. Intrepid Travel’s “Comoros Wildlife Expedition” is a 9-day itinerary departing from Moroni, the capital city, that takes travelers to Itsamia and Mwali, two must-see destinations with the world’s most diverse marine life. Explore the Mwali UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, home to the second highest marine diversity in the world. Spot humpback whales and spinner dolphins; snorkel among vibrant coral reefs, parrot fish, manta rays, wrasses, fusiliers, reef sharks and maybe even dugongs.

This itinerary is designed to immerse travelers in both natural and cultural experiences. In addition to seeing a range of wildlife, travelers will also have the opportunity to meet with Comorians, learn about the critical role tourism plays in conservation, and enjoy a seafood lunch hosted by Miki at his seaside restaurant, all included in the package.

For 2023, Intrepid Travel is launching 16 new wildlife trips and experiences, such as the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, which provides travelers with a rare glimpse into wildlife crime investigations while supporting critical anti-poaching efforts. Intrepid Travel is also taking travelers to a gorilla naming ceremony in Rwanda for the first time on its 9-day Gorilla Naming Ceremony & Uganda trip. In support of its “Beauty from Brutality” mission, Intrepid is working with local Zambian jewelers who turn poachers’ snare wire into jewelry, and travelers will support the mission through a workshop on day 9 of the company’s Stone Town to Vic Falls trip.

In addition to the new experiences and trips for 2023, Intrepid Travel has reviewed and refreshed all 140+ existing wildlife tours to provide more opportunities for travelers to get closer to nature while maximizing its positive impact on the communities and environment.

Intrepid Travel has been designing tours that aid in wildlife conservation and ecological preservation for over 30 years. As a partner of World Animal Protection since 2010, the company supports research on the impacts of tourism on the ground. Intrepid was the first global tour operator to remove elephant riding on all trips in 2014. In 2020, the company launched an Animal Welfare Policy Toolkit to encourage and assist other companies in ending the exploitation of wildlife in travel and entertainment.

Intrepid Travel is a world leader in sustainable, experience-rich travel that has been taking travelers to discover the world’s most amazing places for over 30 years. The company’s mission is to create positive change through the joy of travel. Intrepid offers over 1,150 trips on every continent, and each is designed to truly experience local culture. With its own network of destination management companies in 26 countries, Intrepid has unique local expertise and perspectives.

In 2018, the carbon-neutral business became the world’s largest travel company to be certified B-Corp, and in 2021, it became the first tour operator with near-term science-based climate targets through the Science Based Targets Initiative. The company’s not-for-profit, The Intrepid Foundation, has raised over $12 million for more than 135 partners around the world.

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