Ex-GTA dev’s new studio reveals Everywhere, which is probably like either Roblox or Second Life

Having watched a trailer for Everywhere, revealed at the Opening Night Live event marking the start of Gamescom 2022, I can tell you that hooooboy, this game sure does exist. Beyond that, I’m not sure I can say anything. Developers Build A Rocket Boy describe it as “an original multi-world experience” that “will blend gameplay, adventure, creativity, and discovery in a space that blurs the line between reality and the digital world”.

So it will probably be either like Roblox or like Second Life, then? Hopefully we’ll get a greater sense of which by the time it’s out, which will be in 2023. The teaser trailer is a montage of stuff happening quickly in the shape of the logo.

I wish I could give you more opinions about, well, anything to do with Everywhere. It has deserts, forests, and a big futuristic city. Who built it? Do you build it? Is the sort of space-horror tease at the end of the trailer anything? Will you ever be able to Google this game’s name without adding “video game” to the end of your search? Is the word “metaverse” about to burst forth any time soon?

The only impressions I have are from people talking about Everywhere, and from that I conclude that you can’t say anything, or something, about Everywhere without sounding like you’ve short circuited. It curses anyone doing an interview to a sort of linguistic tautological hell. While talking to Adam Whiting, the assisstant game director, Geoff Keighly asked “Is that part of Everywhere?”. At one point Whiting started a response with “We made Everywhere to be a place where…”

Unfortunately, and I will restate this, I don’t have any information that says what this game actually is. The press release repeats the “multi-world experience” stuff, the official website is basically just the teaser trailer, and the presskit is full of PNGs of the logo. Whiting said it’s “not just a place to play, but to watch, share, create, hang out with your friends, and so much more.” So yeah, probably some kind of Roblox or Second Life.

Build A Rocket Boy is the studio founded by Leslie Benzies, who used to head up Rockstar North and was lead dev on the last few GTA games (three to vee). Build A Rocket Boy have been working on Everywhere (see?! This game is impossible to talk about and sound sensible as you do it!) for the last five years. Let’s assume we know more before it’s out next year.

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