Dog’s Precious Reaction to the ‘Bellagio Fountain’ Is Giving Us Life

He made a core memory for sure.

When you’re making memories, it’s natural to want to include your loved ones in these moments. This is why so many pet parents love to bring their fur babies with them on adventures! One woman is sharing her pup’s reaction to one of these memories in a viral video.

TikTok user @boomer_the_landcloud recently shared a video of her Samoyed, Boomer, in Las Vegas. In the video, this pup is seeing the famous Bellagio Fountain on the Las Vegas strip for the first time. This fountain puts on a dazzling musical fountain show, and it is truly a sight to behold. Check out the video to see Boomer’s reaction to this amazing experience!

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Wow, Boomer is loving these fountain, but we can’t blame him—they’re so fun to watch! We loved seeing his mom pick him up to get a better view because we would totally do the same for our dogs.

People in the comments are loving that this dog mom is taking her pup on these sight seeing adventures. @katie43847 said, “He’s truly enamored. How sweet! The Bellagio Fountain is absolutely magical in so many ways!” Another user, @rory_art, commented, “OMG, he loved it so much! Look at his little head turning to look at everything!” This pup is going to remember this for a long time!

Others cant get over how adorable Boomer is. @irishgrl357 commented, “Aww Boomer! You are precious! Hope you are having fun!” and @bundachaser said, “What a perfect start to my day. A cute dog, can’t go wrong with that!” This video made our day, too!

Boomer had a blast watching the fountain with his momma. Those two are so lucky to have each other! We wish them many more memories and adventures together.

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