Disney’s ‘Strange World’ is a family friendly adventure for kids

NEW YORK CITY — A new Disney animated movie features an all-star cast lending their voices to characters who go on an incredible journey. “Strange World” lives up to its title and the family film arrives just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend.

With a movie that seems so perfect for kids, Eyewitness News Entertainment Reporter Sandy Kenyon enlisted the help of 9-year-old movie buff Floyd Horan who said the animated adventure was cool: “fun, exciting, exotic, and amazing.”

Entering a “Strange World,” audiences share a sense of wonder with a farmer, his wife and son who have traveled from their homeland to try and repair the source of its power.

Their journey takes them down a sinkhole where Searcher meets his father, a famous explorer who went missing years before.

Dennis Quaid lends his voice to Jaeger Clade, while Jake Gyllenhaal gives life to the son of the patriarch. Gabrielle Union plays Searcher’s wife.

Their characters are the parents of a gay son Ethan, voiced by Jaboukie Young-White.

“It’s three generations learning to be OK with everyone charting their own course,” Young-White said. “I love that.”

Ethan’s sense of amazement is shared by Horan who watched the movie too.

“My pupils like expanded a lot,” Horan said. He was wide-eyed with wonder at the sights and sounds.

It’s “never boring,” says the third grader, who’s urging all his friends to see “Strange World.”

“I’ve watched a lot of movies in my life and that was one of the best,” Horan said.

“Strange World” is from Disney, owned by the same parent company as this station.

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