Boyfriend questions girlfriend’s bikini on family vacation: ‘Way out of line’

A woman can’t believe her boyfriend let his family make horrible comments about her body.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. While vacationing with her boyfriend’s family, she wore a bikini. Then on one drunken night, all of the men on the trip called her a “slut” and said they would “steal” her away from her boyfriend. Her boyfriend said it was her fault.

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“Every year at the end of summer, my boyfriend’s family has a beach trip. While I was packing, I was sure to include nicer dresses in case we went out and even included a more modest bikini than I would usually wear,” she explained.

When she wore her bikini with a cover-up during the trip, no one really said anything. Then they said it all.

“After dinner, we were all pretty wasted. When we were talking about our time on the boat, my bfs dad made a comment about how everyone was staring at me because of my ‘slutty bikini,’” she wrote.

She tried to laugh it off. Her boyfriend’s mother attempted to deflate the situation. But the men wouldn’t stop.

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“His younger brother said that I basically was wearing nothing,” she wrote. “ I defended myself and said it was the most conservative suit I had, and then his older brother said that it didn’t leave anything to the imagination, and that if he were single he would have tried to steal me away. That comment made me pretty uncomfortable, and I could tell it made his wife uncomfortable too. I asked if she would wear bikinis on the trip and my BF’s dad interrupted and said that she did, but it was different.”

Her boyfriend laughed at all of his male family member’s jokes. When she asked him to say something, he replied she looked like she was “trying to get d***** down.”

“I know they were just joking, but what they said really bothered me and made me feel uncomfortable. I’m not sure why my bf doesn’t get that. He just keeps saying that they were joking around, but it obviously wasn’t very funny to me so now he’s saying I ruined the trip by moping around the rest of the time,” she said.

Redditors thought the men of the family were pretty sexist.

“They were way, way out of line. Clearly, these are men who do not have the maturity to treat women respectfully,” a user said.

“THIS dysfunctional, misogynistic dynamic is NORMAL for your BF who sees nothing wrong with it AND is upset because you’re not all giggly about being sexually harassed by his family,” another commented.

“You need to dump him now. Too many red flags,” another wrote.

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